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Our spirit is: 
Using Liwang insulator, 20 years maintenance-free, save three times as much money!
Our mission is: 
a. Let each of the company’s pal to have a highest material and spiritual gain in Qingzhou city, and the whole family to live a healthy, happy, blessed and dignified life, bring benefit to the society and become the pride of the family;
b. Create the most valuable product of the global power grid, support the nation’s strategic target, and build up the world energy internet;
c. To be the first taxpayer of Qingzhou city, and become the biggest research& development base of world power gird, bring benefit to the people of our motherland and all human beings. 
Firmly believe that: our goal certainly can be realized!
Our realm is: 
Love life by life, all for loving common people!
Our three “Remembers” for quality are: 
Remember not to be negligent on product quality and without product quality, we will lose all! 
Remember that the labor is invalid and even a crime without stressing product quality! !
Remember that product quality is more important than everything!!! 
Our slogan is: 
We are proud, as we have big dreams;
We are happy, as we share our sorrows;
We are united, as we trust each other;
We are struggling, as we have common core values;
We are strong, as we are always together;
A team, a lifetime and a cause. We will never, never, never give up!
Our acting means is: 
Act immediately, act immediately, act immediately. Just do it! Just do it!! Just do it!!!

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