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Pollution-resistance ac solid-core composite post insulator 550kV

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Ac epoxy solid-core composite post insulator:40.5kV~1100kV  
Dc epoxy solid-core composite post insulator: ±40kV~±1500kV
Features of ac or dc epoxy solid-core composite post insulato:
1.High intensity and little disformation
Epoxy solid-core composite post insulator is made from non-brittle materials—materials resistant to high temperature, high intensity and acid, through special process. The core rod fiber applies radial molding process, with high intensity and little deformation. Under the same bending load, the displacement of composite post insulator with equal core rod diameter is almost at the same level as ceramic insulator, and is a half of that of winding composite post insulator, while the bending failure load is twice as that of winding composite post insulator. 
2.Excellent explosion-proof and anti-seismic performance
Epoxy solid-core composite post insulator has excellent explosion-proof and anti-seismic performance, without brittle fracture or collapse accidents occurred. It can effectively resist anthropic damage, and protect equipment and personal security.
3.Small size, low weight
Compared with ceramic post insulator, epoxy solid-core composite post insulator has smaller size and lower weight, excellent elasticity, anti-damage performance, and advantage of convenient installation and transport.
4.Reasonable structure and stable mechanical performance
The shed type design of epoxy solid-core composite post insulator that applies the best optimized structure technology with combination of small shed and big shed, can effectively guarantee the excellent external insulation and electrical features of the insulator, which accords with relevant national standard requirements. The connections of the end assembly parts applies the compression joint technology, to ensure the stable, reliable mechanical performance and small dispersibility of the product. The end of product above 300kV applies optimization designed corona ring structure to improve the external electric field distribution. 
5.Cleanness-free, small maintenance work
HIV silicone rubber composite shed has excellent hydrophobicity and hydrophobic-migration, so under the same ice coating condition, the ice flash-over rate of silicone rubber composite shed is lower than ceramic shed. It can effectively prevent pollution flash-over, rain flash-over and ice flash-over from happening, and with no manual cleaning need, it alleviates the maintenance work and improves the work efficiency. It uses combination technology of big and small sheds, can effectively guarantee the creepage distance and work frequency wet flash-over feature of the insulator, which accords with relevant international standard. 
6.Comprehensive cost performance 
Epoxy solid-core composite post insulator applies overall molding technique through vulcanizing machine, which creates sheath with uniform thicKNess, enhancing the production efficiency and first pass yield, and shortening the production cycle. With more stable and reliable quality and less cost than ceramic insulator, the epoxy solid-core composite post insulator is excellent in comprehensive cost performance. 
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