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FQB series cantilever insulator

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★Small size, light weight, easy to install: 
It has small size, light weight (only 1/3 of porcelain insulator string with same voltage level) and lightweight structure, is easy to install when the tunnel clearance is small (it is irreplaceable by porcelain or glass insulator), and is the best product applicable to electrified railway tunnel with complex operating conditions. 
★International advanced crimping technology:
The connection between composite insulator epoxy-glass fiber guiding and shifting rod and hardware fittings adopts international advanced crimping technology, having high strength and good appearance, and the pressure distribution in connection area is uniform. It is also equipped with fully automatic sonic flaw detection system, which can accurately determine whether the internal core rod of hardware fittings is broken and ensure the internal quality of the product. 
★High resistance to pollution flashover, no-clean:
Silicon rubber shed has excellent hydrophobicity and hydrophobe mobility, high resistance to pollution flashover (its pollution flashover resistance is 1.7 times of porcelain or glass insulators), and it does not need cleaning and zero detection and can work safely in heavy polluted area, thus greatly reducing the workload of routine maintenance. 
★Strong aging resistance, weatheability and electrolytic corrosion resistance:
High-temperature vulcanization one-step molding process guarantees good sealability and ensures the core rod is moisture-free, thus the product has strong electrolytic corrosion resistance (the resistance to tracking of shed materials is up to TMA4.5), good aging, high and low temperature resistance, which ensure the reliability of long-term operation. 
★ High Mechanical Properties:
Composite insulator has strong impact resistance and shock resistance, good brittle resistance and creep resistance, is not easily broken, and has high mechanical strength, torsion resistance and good tensile capacity. Its bending strength is 2 times higher than common steel and 5 ~10 times of high strength porcelain materials. It can withstand high internal pressure and has strong explosion-proof capability, effectively improving the reliability of safe operation. 
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